Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health

Low Back Pain

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We are estab­lish­ing bet­ter care path­ways for peo­ple suf­fer­ing low back pain to improve time­li­ness and appro­pri­ate­ness of treat­ment. This is being done through greater under­stand­ing of rel­e­vant clin­i­cal and sys­tems fac­tors, as informed by data, cur­rent evi­dence and stake­hold­er input. A pro­posed opti­mal sys­tem of care for low back pain was devel­oped and broad com­mu­ni­ty con­sul­ta­tion on the mod­el occurred in late 2023. Work to explore imple­men­ta­tion oppor­tu­ni­ties is under­way. View our video, read the con­sul­ta­tion paper, or check out the FAQs to learn more.

Common Pain Points