Proactive Disclosure

The South Aus­tralian Gov­ern­ment sup­ports the proac­tive dis­clo­sure of infor­ma­tion reg­u­lar­ly request­ed under free­dom of infor­ma­tion (FOI) to all mem­bers of the community.

Pro­vid­ing easy access to gov­ern­ment infor­ma­tion allows the pub­lic to bet­ter engage with the gov­ern­ment and par­tic­i­pate in the mak­ing of impor­tant deci­sions, poli­cies and laws.

The fol­low­ing Proac­tive Dis­clo­sure infor­ma­tion for the CEIH is available:

Cred­it card expen­di­ture — Com­mis­sion­er, CEIH

Over­seas trav­el — Com­mis­sion­er, CEIH

There have been no over­seas trav­el for the Com­mis­sion­er from Jan­u­ary 2020 to March 2023.

Over­seas trav­el — Staff

There have been no over­seas trav­el for CEIH from Decem­ber 2022 to March 2023

There have been no over­seas trav­el for CEIH from Jan­u­ary 2020 to Sep­tem­ber 2022.

Domes­tic trav­el — Com­mis­sion­er, CEIH

There has been no Domes­tic trav­el for CEIH from Feb­ru­ary 2020 to April 2022

Mobile phone costs — Com­mis­sion­er, CEIH

Ancil­lary office expenditure

Gifts and ben­e­fits register

Pre­vi­ous reports

For reports over 12 months old or infor­ma­tion on trav­el receipts and itin­er­aries email CEIHFOI@​sa.​gov.​au.