Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health

How we work

We seek new perspectives and solutions to challenges, and partner with clinicians, consumers and other collaborators to turn innovative ideas into better healthcare.

Building a culture of innovation

We understand innovation. It requires continuous improvement through disruptive yet strategic thinking. We solve problems by creating connections and supporting fresh ideas.

Let's make a conscious decision to challenge established thinking and encourage new ways of working with curious and open minds.

Finding a balance

We need to balance our time and impact.

We will balance time by taking on short-term projects that deliver immediate results, as well as longer term, more ambitious projects that will make a lasting difference.

We will balance impact through projects that achieve results for one part of the health sector, as well as those that impact the health system more widely.

How we partner and engage

People are at the centre of everything we do.

Before starting any project we consider our principles for engagement, which are:

  • Partnership
  • Participation
  • Respect
  • Accessibility
  • Diversity.

More information

To learn more about what we do, see our work.