Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health

Partnerships and collaboration

Everything we do involves partnering and collaboration for a better health system.

Advisory groups

We know many minds are better than one. So we've established our advisory groups to help us with the insights and knowledge to keep us relevant and make sure we are working on projects that enable positive change.

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Statewide Clinical Networks

The Statewide Clinical Networks will improve health services pro­vid­ed to the South Australian community.

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Statewide Clinical Communities of Practice

Statewide Clinical Communities of Practice bring together people from a range of health services and care providers to address common issues to improve the quality and efficiencies of care.

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Partnerships Program

By working together across diverse healthcare settings, organisations, and issues, we can build a culture of excellence presents an opportunity to change practice, foster new ideas and innovation, and open paths to better healthcare outcomes.

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Working with consumers

The consumer voice helps us understand the consumer experience, and co-design services to improve the health experiences and outcomes of South Australians.

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