Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health

Statewide Clinical Communities of Practice

Statewide Clinical Communities of Practice bring together people from a range of health services and care providers to address common issues to improve the quality and efficiencies of care.

What are they?

A Statewide Clinical Community of Practice (SCCoP) is a sustainable, informed, valued and largely self-sufficient network of clinicians, consumers and the community.

Statewide Clinical Networks that have achieved their initial work program (including capability building to navigate the health system) will transition to becoming a SCCoP generally in a three to five year time frame. This will allow new Statewide Clinical Networks to be developed and evolve into SCCoPs, to build breadth and depth of capacity and capability in increasing numbers of areas of care.

The CEIH will assist Statewide Clinical Networks and other mature networks to transition to becoming a SCCoP. The CEIH will partner with SCCoPs to work on identified projects.