Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health

Statewide Clinical Networks

The Statewide Clinical Networks will improve health services pro­vid­ed to the South Australian community.

What are they?

Statewide Clinical Networks are groups of health professionals, health service organisations, consumers and carers who work collaboratively to achieve high quality care in a particular clinical area.

Statewide Clinical Network Steering Committees

The Steering Committees provide oversight of the development, implementation and evaluation of the networks' activities.

Steering Committee members have a passion for the clinical specialty, can think strategically, are excellent communicators and have the ability to influence change in service delivery.

The Steering Committees are constructed to reflect a balance of experience across metropolitan and country as well as from within and out of hospital sectors. The Steering Committee are led by a Statewide Clinical Network Lead.

Our Statewide Clinical Networks

Adolescent Transition Care Statewide Clinical Network

The Adolescent Transition Care SCN aims to partner with young people to ensure healthcare is designed to suit young people and doesn't impact on their normal healthy adolescent development.

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Cancer Statewide Clinical Network

The Cancer SCN brings together health professionals and consumers to provide strategic guidance and advice relating to cancer care and work on projects to improve health outcomes for all South Australians affected by cancer.

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Cardiac Care Statewide Clinical Network

The Cardiac Care SCN focuses on equity of access to cardiac care services for all South Australian's and embracing both therapeutic and device innovations.

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Chronic Pain Statewide Clinical Network

The Chronic Pain SCN has been established to improve the provision of integrated, multidisciplinary care for people with chronic pain.

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Clinical Genomics Statewide Clinical Network

The Clinical Genomics SCN promotes Genomics, the study of all of a person’s genes (the genome). It has the potential to reshape clinical practice and to fundamentally change the way we prevent, diagnose, treat and monitor illness.

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Palliative Care Statewide Clinical Network

The Statewide Palliative Care Clinical Network is committed to improve the quality, availability and experience of palliative care for all South Australians.

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Surgical and Perioperative Care Statewide Clinical Network

The Surgical and Perioperative Care Clinical Network was established in 2021, with the aim to identify, address and improve key system priorities for South Australians requiring surgical services.

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Urgent and Emergent Care Statewide Clinical Network

The Statewide Urgent Care Clinical Network is committed to supporting urgent, unplanned, non life-threatening care.

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Hear more about the Statewide Clin­i­cal Net­works from our Net­works Pro­gram Direc­tor, Katie Maiolo.