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If you've got a story that will help advance healthcare in South Australia, we want to hear about it and try to help you promote it!

We connect people, ideas, and knowledge to improve healthcare and we are looking for great stories to feature in our newsletter that highlight the amazing work being done in the South Australia.

If you are a healthcare professional with exciting news that would be relevant to the healthcare sector, we want to help you promote it.

To be considered for our newsletter, your story must:

  • Be relevant to our audiences. As much as we'd love to, not all stories will make the cut.
  • Be timely. If your story is time sensitive, please make sure to include it. We'll try to include it in the upcoming edition if it is still relevant.
  • Be public information.
  • Include a link to further reading.

Your story could be about:

  • News that is relevant to the public and private healthcare sector
  • Groundbreaking medical research for South Australia to draw inspiration from
  • An innovation to improve the healthcare system
  • An active medical consultation
  • A health-related event in South Australia.

Here are some examples of stories that we would be interested in:

  • A new study that finds a link between obesity and heart disease.
  • A hospital that is using virtual reality to help patients with chronic pain.
  • A community group that is advocating for better mental health services.
  • A conference on the future of healthcare.

If you think your story has what it takes, please submit it using the form below.