Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health

Awarded grants

Here's the list of grants we're involved with that help us do the work we do.

We’ve been a collaborator in successful grants in recent years, which are being used to deliv­er on our mis­sion to sup­port clin­i­cal lead­er­ship, pro­vide advice on and enable sys­tem and ser­vice redesign for the pro­mo­tion of excel­lence and inno­va­tion across health­care in South Aus­tralia.

By securing grants and funding innovative projects, we’re helping to improve the quality, efficiency and safety of healthcare in our state.

List of awarded grants we're involved with

Application title: Models of care to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of acute care grant opportunity

Summary: Solutions to emergency department congestion must be highly integrated and multifaceted, given the interconnectedness and dependencies that exist across our health system. Fusing digital and analytical innovation, health service re-engineering and health policy evaluation and reform, this program will deliver 3 exemplar projects across the acute care continuum to establish new scalable and sustainable models of care, ensuring consumers get the right care, in the right setting, at the right time. A fourth project underpins the exemplars and focuses on the infrastructure, technology and data architecture required to enable these kinds of projects within SA Health.

Grant type/ source: MRFF

Amount awarded: $ 2,919,835.56

Year awarded: April 2022

Duration the grant is awarded for: 5 years

CEIH commitment: The CEIH provides project management, executive sponsorship, and data analytics/scientist resources to two of the four projects.

Chief Investigator: Derek Chew


  • Professor Derek Chew
  • Professor Paul Worley,
  • Professor Jane Andrews
  • Professor Robert Padbury
  • Professor Andrew Bersten
  • Ms Kristina Lambrakis
  • Doctor John Maddison
  • Professor Danny Liew
  • Doctor Gerry O'Callaghan
  • Associate Professor Daniel Haustead
  • Professor Maria Crotty
  • Doctor Santosh Verghese
  • Professor Steven Wesselingh
  • Professor Maria Inacio
  • Professor Jonathan Karnon

Application title: In SCOPE (Surveillance for colorectal cancer prevention): Digital solutions to optimise colonoscopy surveillance

Summary: The ‘In SCOPE’ program will be the first organised digital surveillance program initiative of national relevance and applicability, using eHealth to provide optimal and equitable clinical care for people at risk of colorectal cancer. It will improve health care delivery through increased efficiency and provide a cost-effective way to manage the large number of colonoscopies, through improved compliance with national guidelines for how often procedures should be completed. It will ensure all patients receive equitable, evidenced-based care thereby achieving a reduction in the incidence of CRC. The development of research infrastructure through an Australian data registry of colonoscopy outcomes along with patient demographics and survey measures will provide a valuable data resource to facilitate research into risk factors for cancer and determine optimal prevention activity.

Grant type/ source: MRFF

Amount awarded: $ 2,929,493

Year awarded: April 2023

Duration the grant is awarded for: 5 years

CEIH commitment: The CEIH will assist with selection of Patient Reported Outcome Measures and link with CEIH's PRM program to support clinical implementation.

Chief Investigator: A/Professor Erin Symonds


  • A/Professor Erin Symonds
  • Dr William Wilson
  • Professor Lyle Palmer
  • Professor Richard Woodman
  • A/Professor Billingsley Kaambwa
  • Professor Billie Bonevski
  • Grace O'Donohue (CEIH)
  • Dr Phil Worley (CEIH SCN Lead)
  • A/Professor Mark Schoeman
  • Dr Charles Cock
  • Kathrn Cornthwaite
  • Professor Rajvinder Singh
  • Dr Ilmars Lidums
  • Dr Eleonora Feletto
  • Dr Quentin Ralph

Application title: Early Intervention Community-Based Multidisciplinary Model of Care for Adolescents with Chronic Pain

Summary: Co-design an early intervention community-based model of care (MoC) for adolescents with chronic pain in SA.

Grant type/ source: Australian Pain Society CoPs for kids Grant

Amount awarded: $ 30,000

Year awarded: November 2022

Duration the grant is awarded for: 12 months

CEIH commitment: The CEIH will assist in co-designing the model of care through participation of the two Clinical Networks on the proposed Adolescent Pain Project Governance Committee. Following the development of the model of care, we will look to support the project to seek system endorsement and identify funding for the implementation of the new model of care.

Chief Investigator: Dr Carolyn Berryman


  • Innovation and IMPACT in Health, University of South Australia
  • Sydney School of Public Health, University of Sydney
  • Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health (Chronic Pain SCN & ATHSCN)
  • Menzies Centre for Health Policy and Economics, University of Sydney
  • Chronic Pain Service, Women's and Children's Hospital
  • Children's Complex Pain Service, John Hunter Children’s Hospital