Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health

Past projects

Compassion Collaborative

In 2021, the CEIH partnered with Mary Freer of Freer Thinking to create the South Australian Compassion Collaborative. The Compassion Collaborative was an online, facilitated environment that brought together people from across the South Australian Health Sector to learn about, promote and support compassionate cultures and practices. It arose as a response, an antidote, to the often demanding and stressful situations that those who work in Health in SA were experiencing during the Pandemic.

Collaborative members met formally once per month as a community invested in building skills in, and awareness of, compassionate listening, compassionate speech, compassionate action and self-compassionate practices in the workplace. Members shared what they were implementing in their workplace, what worked, what didn’t, to build compassionate cultures.

The SA Compassion Collaborative held their final meeting in March 2022. Feedback from members indicates that their understanding of compassion, of compassionate action and their skills in working compassionately and practicing self-compassion were all enriched during their time with the Collaborative.

The CEIH con­tin­ues work to strength­en and sup­port the health and well­be­ing of South Australia’s health­care work­force. Read more about our work on Strength­en­ing Work­place Wellbeing.

Pandemic Kindness Movement

The Pandemic Kindness Movement website was a multi-state initiative led by clinicians to support the wellbeing of all health workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The CEIH was proud to be a supporter of this important initiative.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, CEIH teamed up with the Agency for Clinical Innovation in New South Wales, Safer Care Victoria and Queensland Health to develop a website, with the aim of providing resources for health workers to maintain their physical and psychological health and wellbeing.

The Pandemic Kindness Movement organised resources around the five levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which is a psychological framework that shows the needs we all experience at different times in our lives, from the most basic like food and water, to making a positive contribution. The initiative also provided resources to healthcare leaders to enable them to best support their teams.

Image of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid
Image of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid

As we move beyond COVID-19, the CEIH continues work to strengthen and support the health and wellbeing of South Australia’s healthcare workforce. Read more about our work on Strengthening Workplace Wellbeing.

Data and Analytics Plan

The CEIH led the development and initiated the implementation of a Data and Analytics Plan for SA Health.

This has been handed to Digital Health SA to implement and take forward.

Data Fellows

The Data Fellows program was a partnership with Health Translation SA that considers different opportunities for moving forwards a data driven agenda within the health system.

To date, five data fellows were engaged through the program and have delivered a series of projects that provided data insights to inform decision making in the health system.

Evaluation Project

The CEIH considered a number of pilot health initiatives related to system demand through a process that included (near) real-time monitoring via a series of dashboards, quantitative analysis of a number of process and efficiency measures, and engagement with local health networks to discuss project learnings and outcomes to inform qualitative analysis. This was supplemented by a high level economic analysis and additional data provided by the networks.

Overall the evaluation found that further time was required to understand the impact of the initiatives but did make some internal recommendations. These recommendations reflect common themes found across all the initiatives that demonstrate the health system must work together at all levels to achieve sustainability and impact.

Regional LHN Partnership Initiative

In June 2021, the CEIH launched the Regional Local Health Network Partnership Initiative which aimed to build healthcare innovation and excellence capability with the nominated participants from the six Regional Local Health Networks (LHNs). Participants were to utilise their learnings to brief an innovative project back to their LHN Executive six months later.

Tailored workshops were hosted by the CEIH, covering areas such as problem framing, design thinking, project management and using data insights. Participants practiced pitching their proposals to members of CEIH Executive who provided support and mentoring to further refine ideas and solutions, facilitate introductions and make connections within the South Australian health system and beyond.

The Partnership Initiative culminated in participants presenting project briefs to their LHN Executive team for discussion and consideration. Four project proposals received LHN Executive support and are currently in progress and the CEIH commends these participants for their efforts and success.