Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health

Our Strategy

Our approach is hands-on, ideas driven, and evidence based.

Our Strategic Direction 2024 - 2027

Our priorities

Equitable access to care

Design systems that reduce variation in experience and outcomes of care.

Empowered consumers

Engage consumers, carers and community in design, delivery and evaluation of services.

Environmental sustainability

Reduce system impact on climate change and identify opportunities to adapt to its impact.

Workforce sustainability

Advocate for safe healthy, thriving workplaces and facilitate a system level approach to workplace wellbeing.

Economic prosperity

Contribute to improvement in the social gradient and its impact on health outcomes.

Our approach

Grow networks and partnerships

We bring people together to solve problems, connecting clinicians, consumers and the community so that they can achieve ‘better’ together.

Deliver insights

We use a data driven approach to facilitate discussions, understand impact, deliver insight and, generate action.

Provide advice and consultation

We provide advice, encourage different ways of thinking and facilitate safe spaces to be creative.

Enable system improvement and innovation

We seek creative solutions to drive excellence and innovation in practice.

Build capability

We create opportunities for people to learn new skills and support the mindsets that allow innovation and research to happen.

More information

Download our Strategic Direction for 2024 - 2027.