Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health


Caring Futures Institute Partnership and Cancer Navigation Project

CFI and CEIH are part­ner­ing to devel­op an evi­dence-based state-wide can­cer nav­i­ga­tion frame­work and imple­men­ta­tion plan, led by con­sumers and clinicians.

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Developing a model of care to address chronic pain

Devel­op­ment of a com­mu­ni­ty based mul­ti­dis­ci­pli­nary mod­el of care for ado­les­cents with chron­ic pain and their families.

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Gathering to Collaborate, to Innovate

The CEIH, in part­ner­ship NAL­HN and Dai­tum host­ed a forum to under­stand the land­scape of inno­va­tion and col­lab­o­ra­tion across the sys­tem and to explore the con­cept of devel­op­ing the Inno­va­tion Col­lab­o­ra­tive as a state-wide archi­tec­ture for innovation.

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Advancing healthcare workforce wellbeing across SA Health

Senior lead­ers across SA Health came togeth­er to dis­cuss a col­lab­o­ra­tive approach to advance work­force health and well­be­ing through pri­ori­tised sys­tem-lev­el actions.

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Using data to identify improvement areas for chronic pain care

The Statewide Chron­ic Pain Clin­i­cal Net­work lead, Anne Burke, pre­sent­ed on the use of data to iden­ti­fy areas of improve­ment for chron­ic pain at the 2023 Aus­tralian Pain Soci­ety 43rd Annu­al Sci­en­tif­ic Meeting.

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Improving informed consent for genetic testing through a digital approach

The Statewide Clin­i­cal Genomics Net­work has been paving the way for bet­ter informed con­sent for genet­ic test­ing by shar­ing inter­im learn­ings of our dig­i­tal con­sent pilot project with key stake­hold­ers of the genomics and broad­er health communities.

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