Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health

Improvement Showcase Series 1: Improving Flow

Improve­ment Show­case 4: Amputee Rehabilitation Programme, CALHN

In the final webinar of the series, the Day Rehabilitation Service team will discuss the development of the Amputee Prehabilitation Programme.

Improve­ment Show­case 3: Supporting Quality Assertive Discharge, SALHN

In the third of the series, Peta Woodcock will describe how the team developed the Supporting Quality Assertive Discharge, SALHN.

Improvement Showcase 2: Gynaecology Ambulatory Care, NALHN

Martin Ritossa will describes how NALHN developed the Ambulatory Gynaecology service at Modbury Hospital.

Improvement Showcase 1: Integrated Management System, SALHN

Angie Goodrich describes how SALHN developed the Integrated Management System at Flinders Medical Centre.