Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health

Improvement and Innovation Showcase

The Improvement and Innovation Showcase brings together South Australian teams to connect, share and explore improvements made in healthcare.

What is the Improvement and Innovation Showcase?

The showcase is a free, themed webinar series hosted by the CEIH, where participants interact with presenters and each other to explore how improvements and innovations within their given fields can improve healthcare in South Australia.

Each series, presenters will investigate how improvements and innovations are identified, designed, implemented, evaluated and what insights and lessons can be learned.

Each session will run for 40 minutes including time for participants to ask questions.

For those who cannot attend, each webinar will be recorded and made freely available, via YouTube.

Why do we need it?

Change doesn’t happen by chance. We need to think big, try new things, collaborate and access the latest evidence and data to make the best decisions. To truly innovate, we must continually assess and improve to understand how our actions make an impact.

The Showcase helps us do this by bringing together healthcare groups in a safe space to think about bettering the future of healthcare in South Australia and to celebrate the impact of improvements and innovations already implemented.

Watch Past Sessions

Watch sessions in the following series: