Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health

Annu­al Report 2019 – 20

Our annual report demon­strates the scope of activ­ities under­tak­en by the CEIH in sup­port of the government's strate­gic priori­ties and key poli­cy ini­tia­tives, while meet­ing our finan­cial report­ing requirements.

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Hon Stephen Wade MLC

Minister for Health and Wellbeing

This annual report will be presented to Parliament to meet the statutory reporting requirements of the Public Sector Act 2009, Public Sector Regulations 2010, Public Finance and Audit Act 1987 and the requirements of Premier and Cabinet Circular PC013 Annual Reporting.

This report is verified to be accurate for the purposes of annual reporting to the Parliament of South Australia.

Submitted on behalf of the Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health by:

Prof Paddy Phillips
Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health

Signed: 29 September 2020

From the Commissioner

The Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health (CEIH) became established as a new independent government agency during 2019-20, being proclaimed as an attached office to the Department for Health and Wellbeing (DHW) on 6 January 2020 under the Public Sector Act 2009.

The CEIH provides leadership and advice on excellence and innovation in healthcare, including clinical best practice with a focus on maximising health outcomes for patients, improving care and safety, championing the use of data and analytics to inform evidence-based practice and clinical innovation and supporting clinical collaboration.

Vision “ Together, let's create better healthcare for South Australians"

To achieve this vision, we believe that:

  • Everyone should have access to the latest evidence and data to make the best decisions.
  • Innovation is to be encouraged and it should be safe to think big and try new things.
  • No task should be done in isolation, but instead achieved through partnership and collaboration.


The CEIH goals include:

  • Clinicians to have easy access to the insights, data and tools they need to provide the best care.
  • Excellent health outcomes and experiences for consumers, their families and carers.
  • Supporting a culture of innovation that unlocks potential and connects people to turn ideas into action.

Strategic Objectives

The CEIH strategic objectives are:

  • Enabling the health system, through building capacity and capability, to deliver value and positive impacts for the community and consumers, clinicians and the broader health system as a whole.
  • Enabling better health outcomes, improved patient experience and increased confidence in the health system.
  • Ensuring improved access for public participation and input into healthcare, strategic planning, shaping the system and evaluation of health services.
  • Enabling better access to evidence and best clinical practice through improved access to data and tools to provide improved care; better collaboration through clinical networks and other mechanisms; increased clinician confidence and engagement; and support to innovate and translate research into practice.
  • Driving better quality care and efficiencies through addressing variation in care and outcomes by pursuing best clinical practice; increased confidence in the system by consumers and the community; and a reduction in serious adverse events.

As the inaugural Commissioner, I am privileged to present this first Annual Report. The work to establish the CEIH has been substantial. In particular, I would like to thank the CEIH team, and the many people from DHW, Wellbeing SA and the Office for Public Sector Employment who worked to establish the CEIH in the timeframe planned.

I would also like to thank the members of our peak Clinical Advisory Council and the members of our Community of Consumers, our Clinical Network Executive, our Clinical Informatics Advisory Group, our Clinical Improvement and Innovation Advisory Group and our Statewide Clinical Networks Leads and Steering Committees for their major contributions to achieving our many successes in our first year.

Thank you to all involved.

Prof Paddy Phillips
Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health

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