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Statewide Clin­i­cal Net­work Con­ver­sa­tion Series

We're launching our new Statewide Clinical Network Conversation Series, where you'll hear from Clinical Leads on the latest project updates and achievements from the Statewide Clinical Networks.

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North­ern Ade­laide Health and Well­be­ing Partnership

We're pleased to be one of 17 partners in this multi-agency collaborative, coordinated by Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN). which aims to create a prosperous and thriving community in the North.

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The CEIH Part­ner­ship Cycle

The CEIH has developed the Partnership Cycle as a visual guide to easily identify where a partnership is in its journey and provide information on the key elements to considera at each stage, to maximise collaboration success.

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Work­ing col­lab­o­ra­tive­ly to under­take con­sumer-led research in patient report­ed measures

The consumer-led research team has kicked off with a great start, working together on pre-planning and preparations for recruitment on the study of patient reported measures.

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Patient Report­ed Mea­sures Research Collaborative

The CEIH and Health Translation SA partnered to establish the Patient Reported Measures Research Collaborative, to improve patient outcomes and accelerate the capacity to improve healthcare and the health of all South Australians.

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Improv­ing con­sent for clin­i­cal genom­ic testing

The CEIH has partnered with the Central Adelaide Local Health Network and the Women’s and Children’s Health Network, to streamline proceses for patients giving clinical consent to genomics testing.

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